General Service Terms and Conditions


In order to request a service the client must follow the request procedure established on our website. All requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance. For services required less than 24 hours in advance, clients must call the contact number indicated in condition 1. Upon completing their request, the client confirms that they have read, understood and accepted these general terms and conditions, and also confirms that they have the necessary legal capacity to accept these general conditions in their own name and/or as a representative of their companions. Thus, the client will be responsible for carrying out payments and notifying us of any modification, cancelation, incidence, complaint or legal action. All accepted service requests will be formalised by the sending of a transfer voucher to the email address provided by the client upon receival of the previously agreed upon service charge. The availability of extra services such as child-car seats, booster seats, additional stops or the transport of golf equipment, bicycles, skis, pets, etc., must be consulted in advance. The following information will appear on the transfer voucher: -the indication of the transport company, the issue date, the points of departure and arrival and the price. If the client detects a mistake, it should be communicated immediately to RESERVA TRANSFER for its rectification, in accordance with the sections relevant to modification and/or cancellation of contracts. RESERVA TRANSFER denies all responsibility for mistakes or incoherences that the client may have made while filling out the form or due to the communication of incomplete or untrue information during the booking process. RESERVA TRANSFER does not guarantee an assessment of suitability regarding service requests or timetables chosen by the client. No service requests will be fulfilled unless they are accompanied by the corresponding payment which includes the service request reference number. Information and data provided during the booking process will only be facilitated to the extent that it is necessary to carry out the service. The client authorises us to facilitate data such as passenger name, mobile phone number, and dates and times to those who participate in carrying out the service. The client must print two copies of the Transfer voucher and the proof of payment for the contracted service, and must have them in possession during the trip to use them whenever they are required. Before beginning the trip, the client must sign one of the printed transfer vouchers and give it to the driver. If the client does not do this, the driver can deny service and the client loses the right to a refund. If the trip is a return trip, the client must give a Transfer voucher to each of the drivers and thus must print and travel with four copies of the voucher and turn in one to each driver. Any notification or communication that RESERVA TRANSFER sends to the email address provided by the client will be saved for the duration of the time in which legal action can be taken as proof of notification and confirmation of delivery.


The price of services must be agreed upon previously with RESERVA TRANSFER during the booking process. The price for a service will be established based on the type of service, the type of vehicle, the start and end points, the dates, the time of departure, as well as other factors. These prices are fixed and are guaranteed from the moment the client receives their Transfer voucher and will not be affected by changes in prices introduced between the moment the client completes the contract and the end of service. The prices include the cost of transport, supplements, indicated waits, contract management and the first modification, tolls, the company’s fee and the relevant type of IVA (currently 10%). The prices are per vehicle, independent of the number of passengers and luggage within the legally established limits of passenger number and weight.


The price of service does not include any gratuity. The client is not obligated to provide drivers with gratuity and, in the case it is provided, it will be of the client’s own will.


Payment will be carried out by credit or debit card, or in cash according to the agreement with RESERVA TRANSFER during the booking process.


All communication between RESERVA TRANSFER and the client must be done by email, through which the transfer vouchers will be sent, as well as any modification or change to the contract. RESERVA TRANSFER’s email address is the one that appears in condition 1. The client is required to provide an email address during the booking process in order to be receive relevant notifications and must communicate any change immediately in order to provide the contracted service. The client must also provide a mobile phone number for purposes of urgent communication.


Clients may make modifications to their contract up to 24 hours before the date and time established for the beginning of the service. Any request for modification should be sent in writing to our email address and our acceptance notification will be sent to the provided email address, at which time said modification will become effective. If the modification also implies a change in price, the procedure will be the following. If the change implies an increase in price, the client must pay the difference between the initial and final price before we accept the modification, in the way established by these general terms and conditions. If it implies a decrease in price, the difference will be paid to the client provided that the request was made in advance and within the previously established limits. RESERVA TRANSFER only will accept a modification to a contract without penalization or additional charges for the client. To make second or subsequent modifications, a processing fee of ten euros (10€) must be paid at least 24 hours before the beginning of the service. Changes that are requested within the 24 hours previous to the beginning of service will be subject to vehicle availability and a processing fee of ten euros (10€). The modifications that the client requests and are not possible to accept may lead to the resolution of the contract in conformance with the condition related to cancellations.


Any request to cancel a contract must be sent in writing to our email address and will include the following cancellations fees: one hundred percent (100%) of the total cost of the service when the cancellation is made within 24 hours or less of the start time of the service. Fifty percent (50%) of the total price of the service when the cancellation is made between 24 and 48 hours prior to the start time of the service. Ten percent (10%) of the total price of the service when the cancellation is made with more than 48 hours before the start time of the service. Service contracts of a special nature or that involve a large number of vehicles must be cancelled as early as possible in order to not accrue cancellation fees in the concrete terms that are agreed upon. If for reasons outside of the transport provider’s control it is impossible to provide the contract service and it needs to be cancelled, the price of the service will be returned to the client in full.


The client has 14 days from the date of the reservation to cancel a service without fees, without accounting for those services which are contracted at later times, in which case the time frames described in the previous section would apply.

Users have at their disposition a standard form to exercise their right to withdraw that can be obtained and completed online at Withdrawal Form


The provision of accommodation for purposes other than housing, transport of goods, vehicle rentals, food or services related to outdoor activities if the contracts foresee a specific date or period of execution.


Any incidence related to the service that arises for the client must be notified to the transport provider urgently by way of telephone. However, a determined wait time is provided to the client at no cost in all contracted services and depending on the place where the service starts: at airports, sixty (60) minutes starting from the landing time indicated in the contract. In cruise ship ports, sixty (60) minutes counting from the docking time of the boat as indicated in the contract. In train or bus stations, thirty (30) minutes, counting from the time of arrival of the train or bus as indicated in the contract. At homes, hotels or similar places, in offices or any other place not previously described, ten (10) minutes, counting from the time indicated on the contract. Once these amounts of time have passed and if the client has not arrived, the service will be cancelled and the client will have no right to a refund of the amount paid. However, before retiring the vehicle and finalising the service, directly or through one of our drivers or collaborators, we will try to contact the client using the mobile phone number provided during the booking process.


The client reserves the right to modify the service start time as a consequence of delays to the transport (planes, trains and ships) used to arrive to the location of the start of service. These modifications for delays will not imply processing fees and will be free for the client within two hours of the contract’s start time, according to vehicle availability. The client must inform the transport provider as soon as possible of any delays that may impede the arrival to the meeting point specified in the contract. If the client is unable to arrive to the meeting point due to cancellation of a flight, ship, train or bus, any cancellation fees must be demanded from the responsible company.


In order to facilitate the meeting with the client, drivers will carry signs, signs with the passenger’s name, or signs with the name of the group that contracted the service. Busses or mini-busses will display said sign on the front part of the vehicle. Traveller pick-up will always occur in the place, time, and meeting point established in the contract. Meeting points, unless otherwise indicated, will be the following: in airports, ports, trains and busses, in the terminal, port or station, in the arrivals area indicated in the contract, where family members or concerted service drivers typically wait. Coach and mini-bus drivers may be obligated to wait in the coach parking area of the terminal in which the client’s flight has arrived.


Neither RESERVA TRANSFER nor the drivers that provide the service accept any responsibility for additional fees that the client or group may incur in the even that the driver considers it necessary to not begin service, interrupt it or finalise it even without having arrived to the destination as a result of incompliance with the following conditions: No traveller may travel under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The consumption of alcohol or mind-altering substances is completely forbidden for the duration of the service. Eating and smoking are not permitted inside the vehicles. The behaviour or conduct of passengers may not affect in any way the safety of the driver or other occupants of the vehicle. Goods or objects that may dirty or damage the interior of the vehicle or that can affect visibility or safety, such as explosives, corrosive, flammable or other dangerous or prohibited materials, are not permitted. In these cases, the client will not have the right to a refund and will be obligated to pay for any damages that may occur.


Although the driver will have the start and end points that the client included in the reservation, to avoid confusion the client must confirm these with the driver before beginning the trip. Any mistake, interpretation or confusion about this is solely the client’s responsibility. Upon arriving to the destination, the driver will leave the client as close to the accommodation or destination point as possible, taking into account the physical characteristics of the vehicle, the accessibility to the end point and the circumstances in the area at the moment of arrival. The driver will choose the most appropriate route to drive the client to the destination without it necessarily being the shortest, nor must it be a route that includes a toll road. If the conventional route to arrive to the destination is blocked, or due to adverse weather conditions, or if the client prefers being taken along a longer route, the client must pay for any additional costs that may be incurred.


The client has the right to transport the suitcases or bags that he has on his trip. The volume of the luggage included in each service will be limited to the capacity of the contracted vehicle in accordance with the measurements, space for luggage and requirements for passenger and luggage transport. Alternative means or additional vehicles used to transport excess luggage will be charged to the client. The approximate capacity of sedan-style vehicles of up to 4 seats plus the driver is two large suitcases or three medium ones. A large suitcase is the one whose maximum measurements are 80x50x30 centimetres and a maximum weight of 20 kilograms, which, in any case, represents a maximum weight of 40 kilograms of luggage if the contracted vehicle is for 4 people apart from the driver. Vehicles with more than 5 seats have an approximate capacity of one large suitcase per passenger. The client will be responsible for all luggage and belongings at all moments, including the right to personally place them in the compartments used for this purpose in the vehicles and to not begin the journey until the luggage is placed in a satisfactory way according to the client’s criteria. The starting of the vehicle and the beginning of the journey without opposition means that the journey has begun with the client’s agreement and sole responsibility regarding the luggage that travels in the vehicle. RESERVA TRANSFER and the drivers that provide service will be extent of any responsibility regarding damages or deterioration of the client’s or other passengers’ luggage, including damage done during the loading or unloading process, even in the case that the client declines loading or unloading, or personally supervising the driver or personal assistant as these processes are carried out. The client is likewise responsible for removing any and all possessions from the vehicle once the service is complete, leaving RESERVA TRANSFER and the drivers that provide service completely free from any posterior responsibility for objects forgotten in the vehicles.


Pets or companion animal are solely the responsibility of the client who, as such, must be aware of their wellbeing and health at all moments. The must travel in a carrier that complies with IATA norms for travelling in planes. Pet transport is subject to availability and extra costs that the client must include as an extra during the booking process. IN the case that pet or companion animal transport is not included as an extra, or if the required security conditions are not met, the driver will be able to cancel service and the client will not have the right to a refund of the paid fee.


In the booking process the client must indicate if there are any minors among the passengers, exclusively to take into account the total number of seats that will be required because in any circumstance and regardless of age, minors count as a seat occupant in any time of service or vehicle. The client must be sure that the vehicle that is booked possesses a number of seats equal to or higher than the sum of the number of adults, children and babies. In Spain it is compulsory for minors to travel with child car seats or booster seats in all intra or intercity trips. Thus, the client must indicate this information to us to be able to offer one to the local driver as an extra service with an additional cost. If we are not notified that one of the passengers is a minor, the driver will cancel the service without refunding the paid price. If it is not possible to meet a request for child safety seats or the required type of vehicle, the client will be informed in advance with the option to request a cancellation and refund of all money paid for the service with no cancellation fees. In whichever case, the client is responsible for placing children in the seat and installing the safety seats. The starting of the vehicle and beginning of the journey without opposition from the client means that the journey has begun with the client’s agreement and sole responsibility regarding the minors who travel in the vehicle.


Upon formalising a contract, the client declares to understand and accept: these general terms and conditions and is committed to paying for the requested service by way of an appropriate credit or debit card, for which the client has authorisation to use and that have sufficient funds to cover the total price of the contracted service. The client must notify RESERVA TRANSFER of any variation that can affect the contract and service in the terms and time frames laid out in this document. The service will be carried out in agreement with the details that the client has provided during the booking process and under the conditions established in this document. The client has the obligation to check that all of the information that appear on the transfer voucher are correct and if there is any error, it should be communicated in writing at least 24 hours before the service’s start time in order to complete the corresponding modification. If this is not done, RESERVA TRANSFER will not be responsible for any damages that can occur. If the actions of the client or other passengers that travel with the client cause any damage during service, the client will be responsible for compensation for damage or harm to the driver or third parties. The client explicitly consents to the communication of personal data to local drivers that provide ground transport service for this purpose when they are strictly necessary.


In services whose destinations are airports, stations, ports or other areas where there is a connection with other means of transport, it will be the client’s responsibility to set a service start time that allows for enough time to arrive comfortable to the destination, taking into account the admissible delay to the beginning of our service that can be thirty minutes according to condition 20. In the booking process we provide an approximate time for some journeys, though this is not an inexcusable commitment of execution for us or for the driver. This information is provided solely for the purpose of providing an approximate time in the best traffic conditions, in light 4 seat vehicles and without taking into account any incident that could occur during the journey. In general the journeys taken in larger vehicles will take longer due to the fact that some larger vehicles have greater speed limits. Likewise, variation or exact measurement between any two points in cities or indicated areas regarding the provided information will not be binding nor will they suppose an increase or decrease in price. The prices for services will not be modified because of circumstances regarding traffic that shorten or prolong the journey. Delays in arriving to the service end point that occur due to circumstances related to traffic, roads or other concurrent causes during service that are not attributable to the driver will not be of the responsibility of RESERVA TRANSFER nor the driver. Likewise, freedom from responsibility for the aforementioned circumstances includes missed connections with other means of transport (planes, trains, boats, etc).


In all of the vehicles offered by the transport company, the seats indicated refer to the number of seats available to the client, with the vehicle’s capacity being the number of indicated seats plus the driver’s seat. The transport provider offers two categories of automobiles with a taxi meter and chauffeured car rentals, Standard and Premium, in the range of up to 4 seats to up to 7 seats. The automobiles with taxi meters are vehicles meant for public service and usually carry markings specific to this type of vehicle and service. The markings and colours are different depending on the city or area in which they provide their service and the local ordinances. Hired chauffeured vehicles (VTC type transport authorisations) are not taxis, do not have signs and do not have taxi markings. The most common brands in the Standard category of these vehicles are Volkswagen, Peugeot, etc. Hired chauffeured vehicles (VTC type transport authorisations) of the Premium category are vehicles of the Mercedes Benz Class E brand or of a similar or better category, with dark colors and high class finishes. In either of the two categories, the drivers are trustworthy professionals, specialised in this type of service with experience, training and ideal working conditions in order to offer the best conditions for satisfaction and service. We also offer vehicles classified as minivans which have a capacity of up to seven passengers plus the driver, mini-busses and coaches that are mid or high-mid class with space for between 18 and 50 passengers. For reasons related to operations and availability, we reserve the right to provide service with vehicles from a higher category or with a larger capacity than what the client originally requested without any extra costs for the client.


The transport provider is required to use all available resources in order for drivers to correctly provide services and especially in order to observe the maximum punctuality when beginning service. We establish a maximum admissible delay of 30 minutes after service start time. It is RESERVA TRANSFER’s responsibility to communicate a delay to the client by telephone once five minutes have passed. Services that begin with a larger delay will be carried out by RESERVA TRANSFER for free in compensation for negatively affecting the client. In such circumstances the client must contact RESERVA TRANSFER by telephone from the service starting place and later request a refund for the price of the service, providing the Transfer voucher with an indication of the driver’s arrival time, name and signature. If the delay or absence is due to reasons unattributable to RESERVA TRANSFER or the local driver, they will be extent of this penalization.


Neither RESERVA TRANSFER nor local drivers guarantee or are liable for damages that the client or companions experience as a result of extraordinary situations that can occur before or during the services that are not attributable to the contractor and that cause it to be impossible to carry out the service, its delay or modification, like for example, third party accidents, controls or police operations that slow down traffic, cultural or sporting events, acts of vandals or terrorists, protests, demonstrations and disturbances, strikes, road closings for motorcades, unforeseen dangers on the road, government or local authority events, natural disasters or catastrophes, fires, adverse weather conditions or other similar occurrences that are out of the transport provider’s control. All of the described situations or other similar situations are considered events of force majeure and will not result in compensation for damages that the client or companions may suffer.


The client must immediately communicate any incident that happens over the course of service to the transport provider by email or telephone. Any complaint or claim related to service that the client wants to make must be completed in writing via email no more than 15 calendar days from the date the service was carried out. A response from the transport provider must be provided within 15 calendar days. RESERVA TRANSFER is exempt from any claim that is made in regards to the absence or lack of availability of the car in the agreed upon place, date and time for the beginning of service if they do not receive notification from the client in that precise moment, nor in the case that the client opted for other forms of transport to travel to his destination under the assumption that the driver would not appear. Upon formalising the contract, the client declares RESERVA TRANSFER exempt of liability for any damages covered by the driver’s insurance as well as any damage derived from sickness, injury, death or the loss of money or other object that the client or his companions may experience without making the claim directly to the driver who is providing the service. RESERVA TRANSFER only will accept responsibility for claims that the client makes regarding our own negligence in the management of contracts or for mistakes in fee processing. In other cases, we will transfer the client’s claim to the local drivers. RESERVA TRANSFER is exempt from responsibility for any service that the client contracts directly with local drivers within our service system, and declines responsibility for modifications to a contract directly made with local drivers. In hotels and the like, in the establishment’s reception area or the door of the building if there is no reception. In homes, hospitals, offices and other areas not previously indicated, in the door or in the closest place where it is possible to park the vehicle. All of this in compliance with the norms established in each place or area, especially in ports and airports, where at times there are permanent, temporary or occasional limitations or restrictions regarding access and parking. In these circumstances, passengers must obligatorily adapt to these in order to begin the transport service and contact us by phone if they have any difficulties. Some exceptional circumstances, for example, roadwork, road blocks, cultural or sporting events, protests, physical characteristics of the vehicle, accessibility to the area, etc can make it impossible for the vehicle to access the requested pick-up spot. In these situations, we will contact the mobile phone indicated in the contract as passenger information to relay the closest point in which the client can meet with the driver. For reasons motivated by or related to drivers and vehicle security, the client can refuse to board the vehicles to begin the journey if, according to his criteria, there are inadequate or unsatisfactory circumstances. The starting of the vehicle without opposition and the beginning of the journey are a sign of conformity given by the client. In any case, if the client is not able to find the driver and does not see the vehicle in the meeting point, he should contact us by telephone so that we can facilitate the encounter with the driver and the beginning of the journey. The client’s incompliance with the obligation to contact the transport provider will result in the rejection of posterior claims for compensation and damages, even in the case in which the client chooses to carry out the journey via other forms of transport, under the assumption of the driver’s absence.


Upon return the client may receive our evaluation questionnaire regarding the service provided, that the client can complete in order to relay information about the service provided and thus implement any necessary improvements.


These General Terms and Conditions are governed by Spanish law. For the resolution of claims or conflicts in any other jurisdiction, both parties conform to the courts and tribunals that correspond to the user’s domicile. Likewise, as an entity that adheres to Confianza Online and in terms of its Code of Ethics, in the case of controversies related to online contracts and advertising, data protection and minor protection, the user will be able to go to the extrajudicial controversy resolution system of Confianza Online (

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In compliance with personal data protection legislation and taking into account the provisions of Regulation (UE) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of 27 April 2016, regarding the protection of physical people in relation with the treatment of personal information and the free circulation of this information and because of which Directive 95/46/CE is repealed, especially articles 13 and 14, below we provide an informational chart in which you can see relevant elements regarding how we use your data:





Provided data will be used to carry out the contracted service.

∙ In order to provide you with information about different services and products organised by RESERVA TRANSFER C.I.M.U.336.m

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∙ No further uses are foreseen aside from those mentioned here.


∙ The legal base for data use obeys the execution of the service contract, which is developed according to the terms and clauses indicated in it or to the legitimate interest determined by a previous deliberation, depending on the case. In regards to this, the removal of consent can not condition said execution as long as the contract is in effect, due to the need for this data for effective compliance.

∙ Explicit consent from the owner of the data

∙ Legitimate consent, duly deliberated and argued


∙ Your information will be shared internally among the different offices of the company in order to carry out the necessary procedures and administrative processes. There will not be international communication of your data.


∙ In addition to the right to access, correct, cancel or eliminate, you have the right to provide your information and receive clear, straightforward information about the treatment of your data. You have the right to make any complaint that you find necessary before the National Supervisory Authority, la Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (AEPD), which provides users with the correct means with which to carry out this process. You can obtain more information here: Likewise, you can request the proper forms or applications by contacting with our Data Protection Delegate at the following email address:

In conformance with the obligation of collected information in article 10 of the Law 34/2002 of 11 July regarding Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, we provide the following information: The owner of this web has a domicile in RESERVA TRANSFER C.I.MU.336.m C/ RAMÓN GAYA Nº3, 30110-CABEZO DE TORRES (MURCIA) SPAIN, CIF: B73774713. Contact email:

2. As the owner responsible for the automated sheets derived from said website, RESERVA TRANSFER wishes to make its Protection and Data Use Policy known to users and visitors to the website. This policy will be applicable if users decide to fill out any form on that requires personal information, without damage to what was indicated in the Privacy Clause applicable to each concrete form. In any case, RESERVA TRANSFER C.I.M.U.336.m guarantees complete and unfaltering compliance with the obligations laid out by Regulation (UE) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council, 27 April 2016 which is related to the protection of physical people with respect to the use and free circulation of personal data, as well as the rest of the regulations outlined. 3. Personal data that is facilitated by users or visitors to the website will be included in an automatic form for which RESERVA TRANSFER is accountable, as a means to facilitate access to the content offered on the web page; to provide, manage, administer, increase and improve services and/or content offered on the page; to tailor said services to the preferences and likes of users; for studies regarding the use of services on the part of users and visitors; management of incidents and maintenance of the web page; as well as for advertising ends and commercial prospection regarding RESERVA TRANSFER’s services and products. They can be given to third party companies as a means to offer services or requested information and because of this you expressly accept the possible communication of data to third parties.

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5. In each form they fill out, RESERVA TRANSFER will request users and visitors to authorise the communication of personal information to entities belonging to RESERVA TRANSFER in order to send information and advertising. The visitor and/or user can oppose this communication both in the form that they must initially fill out and at any moment after by sending, in the latter case, a request to the contact email address:

6. RESERVA TRANSFER can modify this Privacy Policy in compliance with legal demands, regulations or to adapt this policy to the instructions laid out by the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos; therefore, it is advisable that the users visit it periodically.

7. RESERVA TRANSFER is fully aware of the use and treatment that should be implemented regarding personal information that may be required or that can be obtained about users from its webpages in order to manage offered services or to send commercial communication about products or services that might be of their interest.

8. RESERVA TRANSFER will adopt the technical and organisational means necessary to guarantee the security of personal information and to avoid their alteration, loss, unauthorised use or acess, in view of the state of technology in compliance with what is established by Regulation (UE) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council, 27 April 2016, related to the protection of physical people with respect to the use and free circulation of personal information.

9. The user, in any case, is responsible for the veracity of the facilitated information and is also responsible for communicating any modification to personal information to RESERVA TRANSFER at the contact email: Likewise, RESERVA TRANSFER is exempt from liability regarding the veracity of facilitated data.

10. Users have and can use the right to access, eliminate and forget, rectify, transfer and limit use of information through written communication to the addresses indicated in each case or to the address:

11. RESERVA TRANSFER will not send messages that are not previously requested or consented, nor will it send email chains without previous requests or consent. RESERVA TRANSFER informs its users that they can opt out of advertising emails by following the instructions indicated in each case or in writing to the contact email address:

12. Regarding personal information of individuals 18 or younger, RESERVA TRANSFER will never use this information for ends that are inappropriate for the age of the minor, but rather will do it taking into account the age, knowledge and maturity of this audience and will never collect data related to the economic situation or privacy of family members. RESERVA TRANSFER will provide parents or legal guardians with the possibility to exercise the right to access, cancel, rectify and oppose their children’s or ward’s data and will encourage minors to consult with them before providing data. In the case of minors younger than 14 years old, these individuals must provide RESERVA TRANSFER with written permission from their parents, guardians or legal representatives which provide consent for data use.


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These cookies allow web sites to remember information that changes the appearance or behaviour of the site, for example, your language preference or the area you are in. These cookies also can change the size of the text, the font and other parts of web pages that you can personalise. The loss of information stored in a preference cookie can make the website experience less functional, though it will not affect its proper functioning.


Websites usually compile information about the way in which users interact with a website. This information can include the pages that users visit more frequently and if the users receive error messages on certain pages. We use “Session Cookies” to be able to improve our services with the aim to improve the browsing experience for users. If these cookies are blocked or eliminated, the website will continue to work.

Additional Notes

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In some cases it is necessary to install cookies so that the navigator does not forget your decision to or not to accept them.

In the case of Google Analytics cookies, this company stores the cookies in servers located in the United States and is committed to not share them with third parties, except in the cases in which it is necessary in order for the system to work properly or when the law requires it. According to Google, it does not save your IP Address. Google Inc. is a company that adheres to the Safe Port Agreement that guarantees that all transferred data will be treated with a level of protection that coincides with European regulations. If you wish for more information about the use that Google gives cookies, we can provide you with this link (

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